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What is a Short Sale?
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Who is Short Sale 4 Homeowners?

Short Sale 4 Homeowners was established to aid homeowners in their foreclosure prevention quest. We get you the important info need to help you make the best financial decision in these troublesome times. Our foreclosure prevention team can help you sell your home in a short sale, make a loan modification or delay the foreclosure from 90 to 180 days. For most homeowners, the important issue is deciding which option is best for you with your situation. We can help you mediate with your mortgage servicing bank that holds your note and propose bringing your mortgage up to date by deferring your late payments with forbearance for 9 months to a year and a half. We can help you move the lump-sum of your late payments to the rear of the mortgage amortization schedule.

Whether you chose to modify your existing mortgage or utilize forbearance, Short Sale 4 Homeowners can help you find the best solution. With lower interest rates and an improved loan modification you benefit from a reduced interest rate and increased cash flow that enables many homeowners to consolidate their debts. Even if your mortgage company already notified the credit bureaus of your pending foreclosure, there are ways to rectify your credit permanently. We have been in the good position to help the majority of homeowners who looked to us to prevent a foreclosure. We promise to direct you to a one of our trusted partners if we are unable to provide a solution to you in a timely manner.

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